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  • Duct Cleaning
  • In-O-Vate Technologies
    A simple innovative metal receptacle that installs between the studs behind the dryer and facilitates the collection and housing of the flex exhaust hose.
    Air Diffusion Council (ADC)
    Trade association for flexible duct manufacturers and suppliers in North America.
    Airmax International Ventilation Systems
    Manufactures polyolefin ducting for balancing air distribution in warehouses and factories.
    ATS Products, Inc.
    Providing filament wound, fire, and corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) duct systems.
    DuctMate Industries, Inc.
    Duct connections, access doors, duct hangers, reinforcement angles, turning vanes, rails and duct sealants.
    Offers fabric air dispersion products as an alternative to metal ductwork in open ceiling architecture applications.
    Dutch Environmental Corporation
    Flexible ducts in aluminium, co-polymer, stainless and galvanized steel.
    Eco Products, Inc.
    Commercial HVAC ductwork and accessories.
    MaticAir Supply & Mfg. Ltd.
    Specializes in manufacturing heating and ventilation ducting equipment.
    McCorvey Sheet Metal Works, LP
    Detailers, fabricators, manufacturers, distributors, and installers of commercial HVAC duct as well as specialized heavy industrial fabrication.
    Nystrom Building Products
    Manufacture access panels, floor and roof hatches, louvers and expansion joint systems. Includes downloadable CAD drawings and CSI specifications.
    Perry Fiberglass Products
    Manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic duct systems for corrosive environments.
    Polyaire Pty Limited
    Manufactures ducted air conditioning component.
    Rolok Products
    Offers custom sheet metal fabrication and duct work.
    Superior Air Handling Corporation
    Designing and manufacturing commercial industrial HVAC and sheet metal installations.
    Truduct Products Limited
    Stockists of ductwork and associated products. United Kingdom.
    USF Fabrication
    Fabricate and supply access doors and hatches.

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